PACE available for Preorder!

Well, I’ve finally got all 3 versions (pb, hc, kindle) uploaded and approved. I’m still wrangling with Ingram about some typesetting details of the paperback, and have yet to receive hardcover proofs — but the egalleys look great so I’m optimistic everything will be in place for the release date.

It may be a day or two before Amazon slurps in the hardcover info from Ingram’s catalog, but for now the Kindle and Paperback versions are available for preorder. In case it wasn’t evident from the huge signs everywhere on this website and Amazon, the release date is 2/26/19. This means that (theoretically) it should arrive on that date if you preorder. So you can break camp in front of your local B&N and wait in the warmth of your own home, eagerly counting the seconds until the book you’ve been waiting for all your life arrives. Unfortunately, that book was sent USPS so you’ll probably have to wait another few decades. But please enjoy PACE and some calming Muzak in the meantime.

The Kindle version is priced at $4.99, the Paperback version is $16.99, and the Hardcover edition is $29.99. Hardcovers are quite expensive to print, hence the high price, but I want to offer the option for those who prefer it. Besides, I know that my billions of soon-to-be fans will want a collectible hardcover edition…

Eventually, Amazon’s system will deduce that the same K.M. Halpern wrote PACE-the-kindle-ebook and PACE-the-paperback. But until that time I’ll include separate links:

PACE the kindle ebook

PACE the paperback edition

The ebook is DRM-free. I’ve also enabled the matchbook feature, so if you buy the paperback you’ll get the ebook version free (once the physical book is delivered, you'll be able to go to Amazon’s matchbook page where the ebook will be listed as available to you). I’ve always felt that ebook versions should be free for physical book buyers, so there you have it.

If you enjoy PACE, please consider writing reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads (this only will be possible after the release date, of course). And please share your enthusiasm with your friends!

It’s been a long journey, but the end is in sight! Or more precisely, the end of the gradual incline through fragrant meadows is in sight. After that comes the lethal ascent through crevasse-laden ice fields known as marketing. Or maybe I’ll just turn the cart around and enjoy a gradual descent through said fragrant meadows.

K.M. Halpern