Paperback version now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Two pieces of news today.

The paperback version now is available for pre-order on Amazon! Basically, when it comes to print books being distributed by Ingram (as opposed to their own Createspace or Kindle editions), Amazon acts like any other bookseller: they slurp in Ingram’s catalog. It’s an automatic process, and usually pretty smooth.

Also, the paperback proofs arrived from Ingram. I must say that it's always a great thrill seeing my book in print! The good news is that the cover looks fantastic. The bad news is that there is some sort of weird print error where the typeblock is noticeably displaced on many of the pages. I checked the egalleys to see whether I overlooked this somehow. Nope, it's an Ingram issue. On one hand, I'm glad I caught it. On the other, I'm not looking forward to dealing with Ingram and their big-slow-corporation tech-support.

K.M. Halpern