Publication Date Set for "The Way Around"

A publication date for The Way Around finally has been fixed. It will be available for purchase on June 17.

For those who do not know, The Way Around is my second book of very short works. Its style is akin to The Man Who Stands in Line, albeit with more of an emphasis on flash fiction than poetry. It also is slightly longer and (if possible) more pompous.

The cover illustration is by the same guy (Richie Montgomery) who drew the cover for The Man Who Stands in Line, and I’m currently putting the final touches on the cover design. The content has been finalized, and it will get one final read through (to make sure the order of pieces works, similar pieces don’t appear next to one another, the formatting is right, etc. The book will be 112 pages total, of which 95 are actual content (yeah, I know, it’s always astonishing how much front and back matter there is — and it’s especially pronounced for thinner books of this sort).

There will be paperback and kindle editions, and I plan to price it the same as The Man Who Stands in Line: $9.99 for the print edition and $2.99 for the kindle one. I make the same amount on each, but personally think this sort of book is best appreciated on the printed page.

I did not trouble with a Kirkus review (which is quite expensive) for this book. If you’ve read The Man Who Stands in Line, you will enjoy The Way Around too. The pieces were over the same period. With these (and my forthcoming short story books, beginning with Sjow in October), I don’t simply include the next chronological batch of pieces. Instead, there are pieces from various periods of my writing included in each book. So you’ll likely encounter a similar variety of styles (though quite different stories) in my books.

K.M. Halpern