The Way Around

I finally settled on a title for my next book of very short works, the one temporarily called “Fences”.

It will be called “The Way Around” —- which is a renaming of the titular work “Fences” as well.

The choice came down to “The Way Around,” which kept the feel of the book and also fit well with the cover illustration, or “Buzz-Saw Bob.” I’ll admit that “Buzz-Saw Bob” has a certain ring to it —- it’s why I chose to write that piece — but it may lead readers to believe the whole book has that tone. Some pieces do, but most are more in line with “The Way Around.”

I also have finalized the selection of pieces and their initial arrangement. There are 74 in total, and the book will be 108 pages long (though only 90 of that is content). One more quick proofread, then off to the beta readers. Meanwhile, I’m working on the cover design in Inkscape. In fact, I’ll be writing a series of instructional blog posts on just that.

More soon, but right now it looks like a tentative publication date of Jan or Feb.

K.M. Halpern