The Man Who Stands in Line

Killer flies, amorous dinosaurs, angry buildings, and one very large fish --- all in a single volume. THE MAN WHO STANDS IN LINE takes a surreal and humorous view of the usual questions of self, purpose, and society. This quirky collection of flash fiction, vignettes, and poetry is variously absurd, dark, and comic. A monstrous blister, the secret to immortality, and a lost piece of brain are just a few other oddities one will encounter in this one-of-a-kind book.


A mysterious Front, originating in Scotland and slowly expanding outward, threatens humanity's existence. In defiance of the known laws of physics, it only kills humans and is otherwise undetectable. Panic-stricken nations struggle against both the advancing menace and a tide of civil unrest. Desperate individuals must find their own paths, and find them quickly. Although very slow, the Front can be deceptively difficult to escape. Mankind has only a few years to pool its rapidly dwindling resources and prevent its own extinction.

The Way Around
(Coming June, 2019)

More absurd, horrifying, and downright inexplicable shorts. These include such soon-to-be classics as Buzz-Saw Bob, the sport of pendulum watching, yet another secret to ultimate success, the new trend of “lost art”, and Buddha’s morning commute.

I can’t promise that this book will make you excel in every possible way, but I can’t promise it won’t either.